The Wind Music Studio of Kay Williams

Teaching Strategy

Over my many years of studio teaching I have worked with students from elementary school age up through adults. My primary goal is to nurture an enjoyment of, and comfort in, playing a wind instrument.  For school-aged youth I focus on music assigned by their school music director as well as encouraging them to participate in other community performing events.  I also encourage students, when ready, to participate in district solo and ensemble competitions.  I also help them in preparing for a variety of auditions for their school performing ensembles, to district and state ensembles, and, when ready, for college auditions.

Assignments and lesson times focus on basic fingerings and finger patterns, embouchure, sight reading, music theory, and maintaining the instrument and reeds.  Extending beyond the student's school music needs, basic literature for the instrument is chosen appropriate for the student's level of expertise.


General Policies

  1. Students are charged for a full month of lessons in advance (4 or 5 weeks). 
  2. If you are unable to make a lesson it is your responsibility to contact another student and exchange lesson times. In the student portal, under LIBRARY, you will find a contact list for you to use to make your own lesson exchanges as needed.  Please, this is a confidential list only to be use between my students (should you not want to be included in this list, just let me know).
  3. You will not received a credit or reimbursement for any missed lessons. 
  4. I teach on all holidays except for New Years Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. When I am out of town you will be given advanced notice. In both cases, your monthly invoice will reflect the time lessons are not available with no charge for those times. 
  5. When schools or school districts cancel classes due to weather or should I have an emergency and need to cancel lesson you will be issued missed lesson credit for those times. 



My studio is in my home at 4 Currie Ct. in Bloomington.  You may park in the driveway or on the street; please do not block access to the garage doors.  Here is a link to Google maps for our location:

To enter the music studio, follow the red-brick path all the way around the back of the house and then down the stairs to the lower level.  The door will be open if lessons are scheduled.